Make 5 Honorary cigs

I think we should create 5 additional cig cards to give out to people that have a lot of bluechip NFTS. Someone like Frankie with his 60 bored apes + additional mutants.

Purpose would be to increase # of loans on our platform from their NFTs + hopefully free advertising to their huge following which would bring in even more customers and more loans.

I know cig card holders probably wont like this idea but it’s only 5 cards. also if it works in making this platform more popular that would benefit you more than hurting you.


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I think the DAO still has a cigarette card maybe it can be donated? But would might be a good idea for more honoraries.

its free advertising and encourages people with lots of NFTs to use our platform since they got a cig for free. There is 0 downside and only upside to this in terms of protocol survival.

also since we increased CIG’s LTV from 7 to 10 (42.8 percent increase in value) you could theoretically increase CIG supply by 42 percent without dilution from the original value.

Not suggesting to increase supply by 42.8 percent for honoraries just pointing out how easily we can make some honoraries without coming close to diluting the original value.

Maybe making 10 honorary cigs would be the sweet spot.

I think it’s a no-brainer tbh. Though it’d be best to wait once more features are deployed and protocol mechanisms smoothen.

Under 10 honoraries, accross the biggest holders of yuga-ecosystem, AB, and DAO’s like Flamingo/CuratedXYZ/Fingerprints.

cons: slight dilution to existing cigs

pros: unlimited exposure, brand recognition, user trust, TVL/deposits/revenue all through the roof.

         -> cost to the dao:  ZEROOO