Incentivise Jpegd holders

Have an XJpeg model that distributes fees earnt to Jpeg stakers.

ATM there is no incentive for Jpeg holders and are being used to provide liquidity to people who stake their Nfts only to then sell Jpeg earnt for yield. Jpeg holders need to be prioritised.’

Tokenomics model for Jpeg needs improvement to reflect equity/dividends

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There needs to be jpegd tokens utility for sure.

What is this platform’s biggest weakness? Not enough Degen options for people that prefer to use Bend Dao over us.

We should solve this problem using jpegd tokens in a creative way.

Allowed to borrow more with locked tokens, but if you get liquidated you lose your NFT + tokens that were locked to the dao would be one example.

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This is an interesting idea.

Yes Kun, i agree, and ironically they released what was suppose to be a utility upgrade for tokens but it actually erased the value of trait locks. They also banned anyone for asking if they plan on fixing the bug that erases the utility value for trait locks.