PIP-TUBBY: Get DefiGod his tubby cat Honorary and Add tubby cats as Collateral on JPEGD

Add tubby cats as collateral to JPEGD. If it passes DefiGod gets his honorary. :thumbsup~2:


I support adding Tubby eventually, but after some time with the MVP as we assess the platform which is mainly punks.

Another thing is JPEG’d works best with collections with high floors as they can draw meaningful value as loans. I think tubby floor is like 0.3 eth now?

But we are working on a new AMM for NFTs that will be adding smaller collections easier on JPEG’d.


Sounds good thank you for taking the time to give me a proper reply.

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Agree with this for the most part. Athough, I work for a higher tier pfp project (5-10eth floor range) and we would love to be integrated ASAP. I’ve spoken extensively to the community about this and there seems to be plenty of demand.