PIP-Cig Card Lending

Abstract: Use the JPEG’d NFT vault mechanism to allow cig card NFT holders to “lend” their cards to borrowers unable to purchase a cig card on the open market (due to lack of available supply). Cig card holders would lock up their NFT either in (i) direct identification with a specific borrower; or (ii) in a pool of other cig cards that enable multiple borrowers to benefit. The borrowers would get the increased LTV, etc., of holding a cig card, while the cig card holder would earn a variation of yield or profit split from the borrowers utilizing the mechanism. That yield/profit split could be derived either from an LTV for the borrower lower than that available if they held a cig card outright, but more than if they did not; or it could be a fee the borrower pays up front to utilize the cig card lending pool.