PIP-02: Commission 100 Weenis Socks

Create 100 Limited Weenis Sock NFTs.

JPEG’d DAO can create 100 limited NFTs that are backed by physical Weenis socks. You can burn the NFT to receive the physical Weenis Sock. Sock would have JPEG’d logos and designs. NFTs would be minted for 0.5 eth.

  • Yes, launch 100 Weenis sock NFTs
  • No, do not launch

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Demand will be manic.
I propose we give cig and/or normie cardholders WL for mint in the form of a raffle.

How does that work if its a whitelist?

Do a raffle of card holder addresses and if they win they are whitelisted to mint?

we should randomly pick wallets that are staking and hold JPEG CARD nft

whaleshark#2283 came up with a good example:

hmm maybe something like 100 for cig holders and 25 to raffle for the no ciggies to go along with 90 for first punk deposits, 10 for first rock deposits and 75 for first BAYC deposit wallets?

In this example, we’d have a supply of 300 Weenis Socks (comparable supply to Unisocks), and would raffle a WL spot / minting opportunity between various subsets of the community. A mix of loyal card holders & trustworthy punk/rock/ape collectors.


I think this is the way. We may twist and warm the parameters a little bit, to do justice to all communities with their fair share. Since each person will support a different allocation to their very own weenis, we could try to gauge all parameters proposals and pass forward their average. Or a sound estimatation.

Here is a first parameters proposal attempt.

  • Total amount: 369 (as suggested by
    ref1 or 301 (as suggested by @MrPink69 )

  • Weenis Warmers mint price: 1 ETH

  • 50 WL spots for the first addresses to deposit a CryptoPunk and take a reasonable loan (at least 10% of the Punk value) in the about to be launched vault… Each CryptoPunk can only be used once to ensure a WL spot. The same mechanism for 30 WL spots towards EtherRocks, and 20 WL spots for BAYCs. Total: 100 WL spots rewarding early adoption.

  • 1 WL spot for each 1/1 Card (including the charity card) or each CIG card. These add up to ~100 WL spots, my apologies for not knowing the precise total number.

  • 1 Free pair for the selected designer, or best designer in case there is a competition.

  • The remaining WL spots would be shuffled among common JPEG cards. Again, each such card will be ensured with 1 or 0 WL positions, so if some ETH address has 2 rewarded common cards, that ETH address could mint 2 Weenis Warmers instead of just one.

The expected income is around ~1 million dollars directly sent to the DAO treasury, just by the minting event. I haven’t heard anything on putting a fee on secondary markets transactions, though a smol 1.5% sounds fun.

Don’t let your weenis catch a cold, you don’t want it to sneeze!


why limiting to 100? what about socks for everyone who stakes their JPEGD NFT for the complete staking period. this will increase demand for JPEGD NFTs