Revision + Update of Punks Attributes Multipliers

Working with market-makers to evaluate rare punks, I found that some have undervalued traits and some traits should have attribute multipliers.

Some proposed changes to attribute multipliers with respect to PIP-09:

Cowboy Hat: 1.5x → 1.75x
Hoodie: 3x → 4x
Orange Side: 1.4x → 1.5x
Pink with Hat: 1.2x → 1.5x

Some new attribute multipliers to be introduced:

Blonde Short: 1.25x
Choker: 1.3x
Eye Patch: 1.1x
Goat: 1.2x
Handlebars: 1.2x
Luxurious Beard: 1.25x
Normal Beard: 1.2x
Pigtails: 1.3x
Pipe: 1.1x
Smile: 1.1x
Tassle Hat: 1.1x
Wild Blonde: 1.2x
Zero-Trait: 5x

I think JPEG’d as a DAO should implement updated as well as new punk multipliers to let punk holders enjoy the extra LTV from their collection… discuss!

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