PIP-19: Additive Multipliers for CryptoPunks

JPEG’d currently values rare punks above floor (per PIP-09) using attribute multipliers. For any given punks, JPEG’d only uses the highest attribute multiplier without taking into account other traits that would given additional value to the punk. PIP-19 seeks to add the attribute multipliers together to maximize LTV for rare punks while still keeping a conservative margin of safety with respect to market price.

All eligible rare punk traits multipliers should be additive.

A Beanie punk has a floor multiplier of 4x
A 3D Glasses punk has a floor multiplier of 1.75x

Under the current vault parameters, a 3D Glasses punk with a Beanie will only fetch a multiplier of 4x.
With PIP-19, the multipliers should be additive so 4+0.75 would be 4.75x.

Additive punk traits runs the risk of overvaluing certain punks (let’s say 3x + 3x => 5x)
So far the backtest with PIP-09 multipliers have shown none of the 10,000 punks under this heuristic is overvalued

Implement additive punk trait multipliers with the above specifications.

Support this pip.
Let’s MAX Release the PUNKS liquidity

+1, hopefully this is a good staple to also roll out as a model for other collections.

I support this. No reason not to do this.