BAYC Traits Multiplier

Discussion regarding potential BAYC traits update. Similar to Punk traits we can give multipliers to certain ape attributes. Potential proposal would begin with 16 BAYC traits. Traits and multipliers listed below:

Fur - Solid Gold: 8x floor
Eyes - Blue Beams: 3.5x floor
Fur - Trippy: 3.5x floor
Clothes - Black Suit: 3x floor
Mouth - Bored Unshaved Pizza: 2x floor
Eyes - Lazer eyes: 1.75x floor
Hat - King’s Crown: 1.75x floor
Hat - Trippy Captain’s Hat: 1.75x floor
Mouth - Bored Unshaven Dagger: 1.25x floor
Clothes - Space Suit: 1.5x floor
Clothes - Hip Hop: 1.5x floor
Mouth - Grin Diamond Grill: 1.5x floor
Mouth - Grin Gold Grill: 1.5x floor
Mouth - Bored Dagger: 1.25x floor
Mouth - Bored Pizza: 1.25x floor
Clothes - Pimp Coat: 1.25x floor


Looks great. Let’s vote!

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It seems that multipliers are more aggressive for BAYCs than Punks. Was this a strategic choice, or is just how the math works out?

im gonna list some traits not on here that i think should be

BAYC 4 Traits(only 4 traits is sought after for the “clean” look and always over floor), laurel wreath , Admirals Coat

there might be more traits that are deserving but those are the most obvious to me.

It should be our goal to include EVERY deserving trait as that would bring in the most customers/most locked tokens.

Obviously we need to be careful and not include undeserving ones which would increase the platforms risk.

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Just how the historical sales looked and advice from some BAYC people. We can evaluate and add more punk traits too. Any in particular you think are low or should be added?

1 and 5 atty Punks definitely deserve a premium, but I’m not sure how Chainlink would handle that.

I’ve always felt that Welding Goggles were undervalued in the JPEG multiplier. They’re a 1.2x, so at a 65ETH floor are valued at 78ETH, but the average sale price the last 90 days is 100ETH and the lowest-priced one right now is 89ETH, with the second-lowest at 99.75ETH.

We were told by the devs on the 20th during voting that the tokens required to lock would stack. That wasnt the case.

The issue here is people voted and bought tokens given the info the tokens required to lock would stack.

Another issue here, since the tokens arent required to stack it essentially makes token trait lock pointless as a utility for token holders.

Another concern is your discord banned people for asking about this.