Understanding and Improving the Governance Participation at JPEG'd


Dealing with voter fatigue and finding the right onboarding incentives are points of struggle for every DAO. The fact that DAOs do not have any information on their non-participating members makes the puzzle harder. DeepDAO believes that it is possible to understand $JPEG token holders down to their interest categories and activity patterns to point toward measures to improve voter participation.

We propose conducting a data-based segmentation of $JPEG token holders to find out the largest segments of non-voters, voters with decaying participation scores, etc. to point toward the right onboarding steps/incentives for them.

How to address this

Governance activity in different DAOs can tell us about the character of a wallet.

For example, from a brief look at this $JPEG holder: michalis.eth(DeepDAO), we can clearly see that apart from NFTs & DeFi, they are also interested in public goods and sustainability initiatives (from their activity in organizations like KlimaDAO, Kokonut Network etc.). JPEG’d stating a guild for building public goods may incentivize more members like the one above to actively participate in the DAO. The same goes for introducing governance badges or POAPs if there are 100s of addresses that are into NFTs or creating more avenues for contribution if the DAO has a large enough segment of gig workers.

Thus, having a granular breakdown of DAO members in terms of their interests will help JPEG’d optimize its governance process and strengthen its community.

This proposal aims to create interest and activity-based segmentation of $JPEG token holders so that the DAO can find methods to retain and onboard new addresses to JPED’d DAO’s governance.


A very high-level plan of action for analyzing the 5k+ $JPEG token holders:

  1. Get the DAO resumes of all $JPEG token holders (granular activity & memberships), as aggregated by DeepDAO

  2. Based on (1):

    Label each address’s interest (NFTs, DeFi, Investments, Gaming, gig work, etc.) “Interest” is defined as membership or activity in a DAO category over a threshold.

    Label their activity on JPEG’d (persistent voter, long-term dormant address, non-voter, an address that used to participate, an address that is getting less interested in participating over time, and more.)

  3. Repeat step 2 with different interest/activity categories to optimize the segmentation. We now have a well-segmented view of $JPEG token holders with info on how large each segment is.

  4. Label bots & vote miners: recent research by DeepDAO identified voting miners’ activity across the DAO ecosystem. We use this data to check for malicious actors.

  5. Based on DeepDAO’s domain expertise in Web3 and governance, work with JPEG’d to define the right incentives/onboarding steps for each segmented group.


  1. A report with analysis of all governance participants of JPEG’d and non-active $JPEG holders. This will answer questions like who are the primary participants, which are the largest segments of active, and inactive participants, which segments have the highest attrition/retention, etc.
  2. A CSV file with all $JPEG token holders and their category interests, as reflected by the DAOs they vote in.
  3. Based on (1) & (2), a brainstorming session with JPEG’d to come up with an action plan to onboard inactive segments of voters. One such step could be introducing NFT badges if we discover a large number of people who are interested in NFTs or starting guilds if we discover a segment of users that are looking for gig work.


Milestone 1:

DeepDAO dives deeper into $JPEG holders and finalizes the optimal labels & interest categories.

Time required: 4 weeks from the start of the project

Milestone 2:

DeepDAO hands over deliverables (1) & (2)

Time required: 2 weeks from Milestone 1 completion

Milestone 3:

DeepDAO works with JPEG’d on finalizing deliverable (3).

Time required: 2 weeks from Milestone 2


We request a total payment of $15,000 with the following breakdown: 33% ($5,000) after Milestone 1 and the remaining 67% ($10,000) after Milestone 2.

The payments can be made in fiat currency or any liquid tokens.

About DeepDAO

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