Support NFT staking and Airdrops claiming for open positions on JPEGd

Seeing as NFTs holder often benefit from extra services such as airdrops and staking programs, it would be great for JPEG depositors to have the ability of benefitting from those while in deposits on JPEGd.

For example JPEGd could support the upcoming BAYC/MAYC staking , Moonbirds nesting among others and claiming of upcoming airdrops for all collections supported by JPEGd.
Third party staking programs could be added to the UI for the relevant collections as they are rolled out.

For airdrops, it would support both NFTs/tokens dropped to the address after a security whitelisting of the contract by the JPEGd team as well as allow users to be able to go on airdrop claiming dApps to claim their drops.


Great feature, lets do it


It’s not just that it’s a great feature: It’s a great feature that JPEGd’s biggest competitor has already implemented and proven that there is demand for.

It needs to get done if we want Apes.


I fully support this. Fantastic feature.