Purchase more ETH

JPEG’d DAO has roughly $30m in stables and has a very lean overhead operation. I believe ETH is approaching deep value area and between the next month or perhaps 6 months might be the highest potential ROI for the DAO to purchase and hold ETH. The DAO also needs additional ETH to underwrite collections under the new pETH vaults.

I think the DAO should be authorized to use up to $15m of it’s stables (leaving $15m still in cash) to purchase additional ETH.

Agree on the proposal and the general feeling.

pETH is an important part of the growth of the protocol and acquiring ETH to run the pETH vaults securely is a must.
Would such a purchase be run with a twap of sorts?

Yes most likely a twap or over a period of time.

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In favor of this proposal and I agree that now and perhaps the next few months are a great area to acquire more ETH while still operating with healthy treasury and runway.

Probably the best zone to start accumulat ETH.

Agreed that purchasing ETH with a TWAP or similar entry strategy is good.