PIP-.. : Authorize the Purchase of up to $5m in LOOKS

JPEG’d Dao has raised tens of millions $$$ in it’s donation event and could use a portion of those funds to purchase LOOKS in order to add exposure to the NFT marketplace. This would attract more visibility for JPEG’d and benefit the JPEG’d DAO with a potential integration of the JPEG protocol on the LooksRare website.

Authorize the JPEG’d DAO to purchase up to $5m worth of LOOKS. LOOKS would be sourced either through the open market or OTC. This authorization would be valid for up to 6 months.

What does the DAO win in doing so?
Would that be only for marketing?

No, i don’t like it.

$5m usd for a exposure… doesnt make sense.
I would rather use $5m buy more CVX.

maybe it would make sense to buy some looks(not 5m worth though) if there was a deal in place to feature us on their site, but until such a deal is in place i dont see the point.