BAYC Multiplier Factor update

Following PIP-66, BAYC rare traits multipliers factor are undergoing an update to reflect current market conditions.

All adjusted traits multipliers with no active position on JPEG’d will be immediately updated to the values in the PIP. For traits with active positions on JPEG’d the multiplier factors will undergo weekly updates until reaching acceptable levels.

Changes in mutliplier factor will be enforced 2 days at 00:00 UTC after being announced every week, allowing users with open positions with traits boots enabled to adjust their positions to avoid unwanted liquidations.

The multiplier values below will be effective from the 1st of July 2023 at 00:00 UTC.

Trait Type Trait Name Current JPEG’d Multiplier Traits Multiplier Value Effective 1st of July 2023
Fur Solid Gold 8 2.5
Fur Trippy 3.5 2.5
Eyes Blue Beams 3.5 1.6
Clothes Black Suit 3 2.85
Hat King’s Crown 1.75 1.75
Eyes Laser Eyes 1.75 1.65
Mouth Bored Unshaven Pizza 2 1.85
Hat Trippy Captain’s Hat 1.75 1.65
Mouth Grin Diamond Grill 1.5 1.4
Mouth Grin Gold Grill 1.5 1.35
Clothes Pimp Coat 1.25 1.15
Clothes Space Suit 1.5 1.35
Mouth Bored Pizza 1.25 1.15
Clothes Hip Hop 1.5 1.35
Mouth Bored Dagger 1.25 1.15
Mouth Bored Unshaven Dagger 1.25 1.15
Traits Count 4 1.1 1