Use Some of JPEG'd veCRV and vlCVX to Subsidize JPEG-pETH Pool

The capital efficiency of subsidizing JPEG-ETH with CRV emissions can be improved by replacing ETH with pETH, providing another yield source for pETH borrowers

Given the following scenario:
1,000 pETH + 2,000 ETH yielding 100% APY from 10M veCRV votes
500 ETH + 5,000,000 JPEG yielding 40% APY from 1M veCRV votes

Substitute ETH with pETH:
500 pETH + 1,500 ETH yielding 150% APY from 10M veCRV votes
500 pETH + 5,000,000 JPEG yielding 40% APY from 1M veCRV votes

Pool 2 now partially subsidizes pETH, increasing yield efficiency by 50%
We effectively boosted yields without adding more CRV votes!


  1. By diverting pETH away from the pETH/ETH pool, we exert yield pressure, attracting prospective NFT minters while making our existing minters happy

  2. JPEG purchase is now arbed through pETH/ETH pool, earning their LPs even more fees

  3. Dogfooding: in order to receive benefits on our platform, the Pool 2 farmer must use 100% of our in-house tools, minimizing mercenary behavior and maximizing skin in the game!


Authorize the JPEG’d DAO up to 25% of JPEG’d veCRV and vlCVX to subsidize JPEG-pETH Pool

and i hope can increase vecrv and vlcvx bribe…