Hope can add ens(3gitiral eth name)and sand(nft land )as colletral

hello sir,i hope can add good price ens name as colletral,and expensive land (sand)as colletral,if possible? may i use my jpeg tokens to start a vote proposal?also i hope jpeg can become vlcvx or vecrv as lock form can profit from lock then make the token as empowerment token rathen than like uni mkr that vc type token

ens domain name on nft lending platform should be made additional restrictions, because the domain name can be registered at will, the vast majority of domain names will not have a price, no one to take over.
So restrictions should be added to.

  1. a one-letter domain name, such as a.ens, can borrow xxxpUSD; 2 letters of the domain name, can borrow xxxpUSD, this needs to be agreed upon when the platform is on the shelves, can be changed by voting.
  2. find a domain operator, that is, a domain name receiver, let him to valuation and give the amount that can be borrowed, as long as the liquidation, if no one spell, then he must take over